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Humanitarian medical aid now reaching Gaza

Eight truckloads of medical aid has finally arrived in Gaza Strip thanks to the efforts of the “Hope” Convoy from Europe, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, Medical Teams International, American Near East Refugee Aid, AmeriCares and many other aid agencies from around the world, which together delivered many millions of dollars worth of lifesaving medical and humanitarian aid safely to Gaza. The success of the journey had been in question when it had been delayed by Egyptian authorities, who had prevented the cargo from being unloaded at the port of Alexandria.

The main recipient for this shipment was the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip, which received medicine and supplies for their main centre in Gaza, a women’s health centre, and a rural clinic. The Union of Health Work Committees received medicine and supplies for Al-Awda hospital and their four refugee camp clinics. Clinics in Rafah also received medicine and supplies.

After the recent ceasefire agreement, Gaza had still been under a near total lockdown. In the past year, it was reported that many patients had died as a result of the siege, as patients were going without their regular medications. The hospitals in Gaza were without even basics such as sterile gloves and syringes. The aid groups delivered 4 tons of medicine, 3.5 tons of powdered milk, 5 tons of baby food, wheelchairs, and a mobile intensive care unit as well as a truckload of colouring books and crayons for the children. In addition, 13 ambulances and refrigerator trucks to transport blood and medications were also received from the United Arab Emirates Committee for Charitable Works. The Irish Friendship Society for the Relief of Palestinian Children directed cash assistance to orphanages.

Nearly 80% of Gaza’s residents are entirely dependent upon humanitarian aid for even their basic needs – including health care for themselves and their children. The aid for Gaza included antibiotics to provide nearly 3,300 treatments for people with serious wounds, 9,800 treatments of pain medicines for the sick and injured, high-blood pressure medicines for 2,700 sick and elderly patients, surgical and other medical supplies for emergency and trauma care, sutures for 840 surgical procedures, and blood packs to receive critically needed blood from 1,125 donors.

The aid groups also supplied food and delivered cooked meals and blankets to displaced families, as well as tarps to cover holes and broken windows in homes damaged during the bombing. Local smaller health clinics are also receiving a portion of the shipment of medical aid, including antibiotics, surgical supplies, pain medicines, and other emergency assistance. It appears the world had heard the anguished pleas of the Palestinians, and are responding from their hearts.

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