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Rocla vs. Environment

Why has the Planning Department accepted Rocla’s new proposal to quarry an area approximately 4 times greater than their existing operations when they have failed to comply with the conditions of consent when approval was given in 2005?

Through documents obtained via Freedom of Information and tabled in Parliament it is clear that the NSW Office of Water (the regulatory authority) has been well aware that Rocla has been operating without the necessary water licences for the last 5 yrs.

In January 2010 Rocla finally purchased 2 licences, this combined total of 52 ML is well short of their current requirements;
Given that Zone 7 has been capped at existing entitlements there is just NO more to give them. And in the event that another licence holder is prepared to sell their entitlement it still does not work, as that will exceed the 200ML / sq km allowable under the Water Sharing Plan. Continue reading

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Why commit political suicide?

The papers are full of the action of the President of the NSW Upper House, Amanda Fazio in crossing the floor and voting with the Greens this week. She knows that will lead to her expulsion from the party.

A thirty year veteran of the ALP, her actions at first are inexplicable as the papers say, but I have learned in the last 8 years that I have been there every day that there are two surprises in store for anyone new.

The first is people lie. Barefaced full front lies. At the same time they may be pronouncing how moral and Christian they are, they still lie. So you don’t believe whatever they say to explain their actions. The response to anyone who asks about the lie, is to become indignant, deny the lie, blame a staffer, a researcher or a volunteer for the problem, then accuse you for lying about them! That has happened to me a dozen times when I have sought an explanation for the lies. People who hold to their own infallibility must lie to uphold their facade. They frequently follow it up with another explanation that blames the forces of evil for the battle they have which encourages the gullible followers.

The second thing I discovered is that those who have been in power a long time will do anything to hold onto their position. They may not be successful but they want the privileges of their position. This, I think explains Amanda Fazio’s actions. Continue reading

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Tough New South Australian Government Hoon Laws

“THE South Australian government has crushed the first two cars under its tough hoon driving laws. The Toyota Cressida and a Nissan Pintara were flattened in a metal crusher on Friday to send a message to hoon drivers.

I congratulate the SA Government on this action because the alternative to these cars being crushed would be that they could be crushing other cars and lives due to their illegal street racing” said Dr Gordon Moyes, the NSW Family First leader. Continue reading

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Mob Rule Based on Ignorance

The easier the technological means and communication – social networks, Facebook, Twitter, emails – the more personal and irrational the responses of people.

Receiving several thousand emails a month and readings hundreds of tweets on serious issues facing the community from people who oppose every rational program to help citizens, I have observed tyranny of the stupid.

So many people respond to issues with abuse, personal attacks on the proposers and the acceptance of the most irrational and conspiratorial rubbish to come from other parts of the world. There seems to be an unwillingness the treat issues seriously. Continue reading

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Relationships Register erodes the institution of marriage

The NSW Government is seeking to introduce legislation to create a Relationships Register making it easier for committed unmarried couples to access legal entitlements and prove they are in committed or de facto relationships. Continue reading

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Ambulance Inquiry Shows More Must Be Done

Dr Gordon Moyes, Parliamentary Leader of Family First NSW, was a member of the inquiry which highlighted major concerns with the Service’s management and culture, including the level of bullying and harassment. Continue reading

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The First and the Last

I believe over the course of our history we have discriminated most consistently against two groups of people in Australia – those who were here first, our Indigenous peoples, and those who were here last, especially refugees.

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The health of our nation: The paramount importance of health reform

The Federal Government has stated that it intends to increase the population of Australia. It is estimated by Treasury that the number of Australian citizens will reach 35 million by 2049. The Federal government has identified that, to meet the challenge of the increasing population, major cities will have to increase their urban density. Continue reading

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Critical education reports reveal TAFE’s underfunding

On March 16, the Australian Education Union released two new reports which revealed the extent of the underfunding of TAFE and the consequences for thousands of people who are missing out on training and education as a result. Continue reading

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Who is to blame for Nigeria’s atrocities – Response from the Australian High Commission

Last January, we wrote a factual article in this pages, in part to counter fanatical Christians who are writing racist lies saying that Muslims were to blame for killing Christians. Continue reading

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