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Bible Studies

How to become a Christian

Many people want to become Christians but do not know how. There is no need to undergo long periods of training. Neither is there a need to go to classes. Neither do you have to learn a lot of detail by heart. All of these can be a help, but you can become a Christian by four simple steps. Read on …

The Minor Characters about the Cross

Every preacher has preached about the major characters involved in the death of Jesus. Over the years I have preached on Peter and John, Herod and Pilate and so on. But I have never heard of anyone doing a study on the minor characters about the Cross. But in the Gospels we find many minor characters about the Cross, whose stories repay careful Bible study, especially in the light of recent archaeological discoveries. Why was a man carrying a water-pot in the middle of the day? Some secret signal to the disciples? Why did the young man run through the garden at mid-night naked? Why the special mention of the soldier Peter wounded? What did the servant girl see in the courtyard of the High Priest? Who was the African stopped while Jesus was going to the Cross? What did the Roman see at the foot of the Cross? Who was carrying the species and why on Sunday morning?

1. What did the Servant Girl see?
2. How did Malchus lose his ear?
3. Who was the teenager who streaked in the Garden of Gethsemane?
4. Who was the African on the way to the Cross?
5. What did the Roman see upon the Cross?
6. The Madding Crowd around the Cross.
7. Why the Spice Girls didn’t use their spices.


The Practice of Spiritual Breathing.

1. Inhale
2. Hold
3. Exhale
4. Rest
5. Repeat

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The Gifts of the Spirit

A study of the Person, work, gift and gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian.

1. Born in the Spirit
2. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
3. The Holy Spirit in the Gospels
4. The Holy Spirit in Acts
5. The Holy Spirit in the Epistles
6. In John’s Writings
7. In the Early Church
8. In the Church Today
9. The Gift of Serving and Helping
10. The Gift of Giving and Sharing
11. The Gift of Craftsmanship
12. The Gift of Healing
13. The Gift of Apostles and Prophets
14. The Gift of Pastor – Teachers and Evangelists
15. The Gift of Teaching and Exhortation
16. The Gift of Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment
17. The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation
18. The Summary of the Gifts
19. The Fruit of the Spirit
20. The Fullness of the Spirit

When Facing Death

A Practical Guide to Grief

1. In time of death
2. You Should Learn What Grief is Like
3. You Should Set Out a Recovery Program
4. You Should Hold to the Great Truths of Christ
5. You Should Use These Spirit-Lifters to Help You Overcome Your Grief

Discovering Jesus

Who was Jesus and what is the significance of his life for us today? What did he teach about God – and especially about himself? What miracles did he perform and did they really happen? Why was he executed and did he rise from the dead?

Jesus the man still fascinates people today. But in many ways he is an enigma – someone we know from history, but don’t really understand. Even to visit the land of his birth does not tell us what we really want to know: What was his purpose in life? How did he set about fulfilling it? Who was he?

This book cuts through various church traditions and goes back to firsthand sources: the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, based on the testimony of people who were his actual companions; other historical and archeological evidence from first century Israel; contemporary theological and biblical study that throws light on the search for… the real Jesus.

1. The Central Character of the Centuries
2. A New Search for Jesus
3. The Ministry of Jesus
4. The Disciples of Jesus
5. The Teaching of Jesus
6. The Healings of Jesus
7. The Miracles of Jesus
8. The Radical Lifestyle of Jesus
9. The Claims of Jesus
10. The Death of Jesus
11. The Resurrection of Jesus
12. The Life of Jesus Today

Discovering Paul

“A full understanding of another person requires sympathetic awareness of his life and circumstances. Gordon Moyes provides us with a whole series of ways into the world and mind of Paul,” writes Professor Edwin Judge in the Introduction.

Striking photographs from the author’s extensive travels in the lands of Paul, a knowledge at his fingertips of the first century writings and a ‘feel’ for Paul based on his experience as a minister and evangelist give Gordon Moyes a number of windows into Paul’s life.

What emerges is more than a journey through the mists of time: we are pointed towards the person that Paul served. Paul would surely have approved. It was what his life was all about!

This book is a sequel to the author’s Discovering Jesus and accompanies a twelve-part documentary video series on Paul’s life filmed in more than one hundred locations in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

1. Paul the Pharisee
2. Paul the Persecutor
3. Paul the Preacher
4. Paul the Pastor
5. Paul the Pioneer
6. Paul the Protagonist
7. Paul the Philosopher
8. Paul the Patriot
9. Paul the Proclaimer
10. Paul the Prophet
11. Paul the Prisoner
12. Paul the Person

Bibliography of Discovering Paul

St Paul and the Olympics

The New Testament carries many allusions to competing in the Games. There were many Greek Games held throughout the world of the New Testament. While the Jews did not glorify the human body in its beauty and fitness, as did the Greeks, foreign-born rulers of Israel (such as Herod the Great and Pilate) built stadiums for competitions (horse racing, wrestling, running, throwing, weightlifting and so on) in the area we knew as Palestine.

As St Paul travelled the world he saw many of the stadiums in famous places like Ephesus and Olympia in Greece, and often made allusions to the games. In this series of Bible studies, suitable for private reading or home Bible study groups, Dr Moyes brings the insights of a Bible student, his experience as an athlete, as the first Australian Chaplain to the Olympics, in making films on the sites of the Games in the ancient world and his life long interest in Greek and Roman language, history and culture.

1. With Paul at the Games
2. Paul’s Competitive Nature
3. Paul’s Insights at the Greek Games
4. Paul and Athletics
5. Do Your Best
6. Paul’s determination not to be disqualifed
7. Paul’s Dangerous Fight
8. Paul and the Paralympics

Discovering the Young Church

Has life got purpose? How should we live it? What can we look forward to? These questions are so topical today as they were for humankind in the late first century. Then, as now, people turned to those who had been with Jesus — Peter, James, John and others — to interpret his message of life for their own time, place and circumstance.

Gordon Moyes’ intimate acquaintance with the lands of the eastern Mediterranean has enabled him, by word and picture, to bridge the gap between us and the first century. Anchoring us firmly in the experience of the first century church, he brings to life our common ties with those early Christians and the striking relevance of their writing for today.

Discovering the Young Church follows the author’s earlier Discovering Jesus and Discovering Paul and accompanies a twelve-part documentary series on the early church filmed in a hundred locations in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

1. Peter and the Disciple
2. Peter the Witness
3. Peter the Missionary
4. Stephen the Martyr
5. James and Jude
6. Timothy and Titus
7. The Hebrews
8. John
9. The Seven Churches: Ephesus and Smyrna
10. The Seven Churches: Pergamum and Thyatira
11. The Seven Churches: Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea
12. The Revelation of John

Bibliography of Discovering the Young Church

Successfully Living in Our City

For over twenty years I have lectured students completing postgraduate degrees in Urban Ministry. Some years ago Emmanuel School of Religion TN, USA appointed me Adjunct Professor of Christian Ministries specializing in Urban Mission. My students are now ministering in great cities all over the world.

I have visited every village, town and city mentioned in the New Testament in a dozen different countries of the Middle East. I studied what happened there, and what is of significance to our faith because of what happened there. I will describe each centre, its history and involvement with early Christianity, and what insight we can gain for successful living in the city today.

This will be an interesting, Biblically sound, and archaeologically up-to-date series of studies. Why not get a group together to study the scriptures, and print off the free study each week from my website?

1. With Jesus in the city of Bethlehem
2. With Jesus in the city of Nazareth
3. With Jesus In The City Of Capernaum
4. With Jesus in the City of Caesarea Philippi
5. With Jesus in the city of Jericho
6. With Jesus in the city of Gadara
7. With Jesus in the City of Sychar
8. With Jesus at the Pool of Siloam
9. With Jesus in the City of Nain
10. With Jesus At Cana
11. With Jesus In The City Of Bethany
12. With Jesus In The City Of Jerusalem
13. With Jesus In Emmaus
14. With Paul In The City Of Damascus
15. With Paul in the City of Ephesus
16. With Paul in the City of Philippi
17. With Paul in the City of Athens
18. With Paul in the City of Rome
19. Our Mission to the City

The Top Ten Miracles of Jesus

Dr Moyes will present a new series of Bible studies. People love to consider lists such as top ten hits, top ten films, top ten DVDs, top ten sporting moments and so on. Dr Moyes will prepare a new series of Bible studies which will include: The Top 10 Miracles of Jesus, The Top 10 Parables of Jesus, The Top 10 Teachings of Jesus, and The Top 10 Encounters of Jesus.

There will be one Bible study each week starting with the top ten miracles. So why not gather a group of people in your home, print off the FREE studies each week and discuss them together? Nothing helps us more than to know more about the life and way of Jesus.

1. A New Miracle Everyday
2. A Parent’s Worst Nightmare
3. Catching People for Christ
4. Storms without, fears within, but still at peace
5. Surprising Faith
6. Giving Life to the M3 Generation
7. Using Limited Resources Well
8. Healing Frustrated Invalids
9. The twice born die only once!

Top Ten Advent Bible Stories

1. The Manger, the Table, the Cross
2. The Children of the First Christmas
3. That Night was not Silent
4. When God joined the human race

Improving Family Life

This series of studies looks at issues facing families in Australia today. Each one includes up to date statistics, insights from sociology, the Institute of Family Studies research, Biblical insights, and positive suggestions for families seeking to improve their family life. Make a point of following each one each week to improve your Family Life.

1. The Good News about Australian Families
2. Does TV provide your family values?
3. What more do smart and talented kids need?
4. Becoming single again
5. How to be a powerful parent
6. Living with dementia
7. Helping children carry adult pain
8. How to keep your family united
9. Money Marriage and Managing
10. Having children the second time around
11. Refusing to tolerate Violence in the Home
12. Young adults living at home
13.The modern mother’s role model
14. Can parents understand their teenagers?
15. How to Build a Resilient Family
16. How to Grandparent a Separated Family
17. How to Stop Struggling With Your Teenager
18. How to Get Parents to Let Go
19. How to Enjoy the Empty Nest
20. Being Successful on Your Own
21. The Prime of Your Life
22. Ethics and Scripture

All the Names of Jesus

1: Apostle
2: Bridegroom
3: Christ
4: David
5: Forerunner
6: God
7: Good Shepherd
8: High Priest
9. Image
10. Jesus
11. Judge
12. King
13. Light
14. Lamb
15. Mediator
16. Messiah
17. Omega
18. Physician
19. Resurrection
20. Son
21. Saviour
22. Truth
23. Vine

The Legacy of Abraham

1. An Obedient Faith
Venturing into the Unknown
3. The Promised Land
4. Looking For a City
5. Ishmael and the Arabs
6. Sarah, the Princess
7. Isaac and the Jews