Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
March 31st, 2002

Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, was not going to take the news from the women who had been at the tomb that first Sunday sunrise after the Crucifixion of Jesus. Even though the women had said they had seen Him and the other disciples were full of the fact that Jesus had appeared to them, Thomas stood his ground. He knew that people did not rise from the dead. Furthermore he had seen Jesus die and had seen His dead body.

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to hundreds of people during the next fifty days, and then over several years. With those appearances, the believers' attitudes changed completely. Despair changed into hope. Fear turned into courage. Doubt was converted into faith. The timid became confident. The persecutor became a preacher. The insipid became inspired! A simple fact of history had brought the church into being, and swept it across the world with driving power.

Jesus Christ was indestructible, and His vitality, power and love flowed into the lives of those who believed in Him and followed His way of sacrifice and service.

The resurrection fact made the difference. Only ten disciples saw Jesus that first time. Thomas was absent. When he returned they excitedly told of the appearance of Jesus. Thomas could not explain the difference in them, but one thing was for sure: he would not believe unless he saw it for himself! In the middle of his expressing such anxious doubts Jesus came to him. Now Thomas sank to his knees in trusting faith. Never again would he doubt. Now he knew!

May you have the certainty of Thomas by knowing the Risen Christ personally this Easter.