Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
March 9th, 2003

This is my last statement on the State election. Normally I have more to say, but as I am standing for election and leading a team of fifteen candidates for the Legislative Council and sixty-five candidates for the Legislative Assembly, I will finish with this comment. Last year I was elected to the Legislative Council to fill a casual vacancy in a rare joint meeting of both houses of Parliament. I was nominated by the Christian Democratic Party, seconded by the Labor Party and unanimously elected by all Parliamentarians. I agreed to stand for three reasons:

First, we need a Christian voice in Parliament willing to stand with Bible in hand and declare Godís expressed will on matters of Legislation. Other Christians in Parliament cannot do that. Their parties do not allow them. No one would know they are Christian from the Hansard record. Only Rev Fred Nile and myself are free to speak openly about Jesus Christ. I have unashamedly spoken for Jesus Christ over the years in the open air, at football grounds, in the media, corporate conferences and the business world. Now I make the witness where the legislation is made.

Second, I seek to improve Government Legislation from a Christian welfare perspective. No one in Parliament has had as much experience as I have in running the largest Christian welfare organization in Australia for the past twenty-five years. That experience is needed.

Third, I want to ensure that preventative legislation is passed. Too much of Government legislation disables families, the aged, children in need, the ill, the unemployed, the homeless, the poor and the dying. I know the needs of people and I know the right questions to ask of Ministers of the Crown.

Many Christians still vote for Liberal or Labor Parties, not realizing these parties in other states and ours, vote together on legislation approving the extension of brothels, the soft laws of drugs, abortion, prostitution, the extension of poker machines, the turning of hotels into gambling dens, the acceptance of same sex-marriages, support for the homosexual Mardi Gras, the removing of the age of consent that means adult sexual predators on children cannot be charged, the abolition of the rights of Christian Schools and Christian churches to appoint only Christian staff and so on. Only one party stands up and opposes these trends. So I have no hesitation in asking you to VOTE 1 Christian Democratic Party in both houses on March 22nd.