Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
March 23rd, 2003

The community as a whole needs to partner to help each other. Last Friday, the Minister of Housing, Dr Andrew Refshauge and myself, declared open a new centre in Miller called the Live 'N' Learn Centre.

There are 29 units, each with bedroom, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and study provided for twenty-nine young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are in danger of homelessness and dropping out of education. These people have a desire to go on with their education but cannot live with their parents. Living on the campus are Wesley Mission tutors and counsellors who teach living skills. This is a partnership with a local "Live 'N' Learn" community board, with the Department of Housing providing the building and the Premier's Department making a major grant.

The CFME Union provides our staff costs. Wesley Mission runs and manages the program. Local businesses have provided furniture, white goods and computers. The Commonwealth Government provides financial help for the students and Work for the Dole teams, who maintain the gardens. It is a whole community project. We expect to re-duplicate that program across the whole state, then the nation. Those 29 young people will graduate and cease to be dependent upon welfare, becoming independent and capable of facing life's stresses. The whole community is engaged in helping deserving young people continue with their education and not fall into homelessness and illiteracy. It is prevention at its best.

The campus itself is a huge, multi-million dollar property with 29 complete units. The Department of Housing has spent $800,000 on renovations and it is in first class condition, with only the last units to be finished. Living on the campus are Wesley Mission tutors and counsellors who teach living skills and provide motivation and management.

Last Sunday about 1000 people attended the evening service in Wesley Theatre to celebrate the founding forty years ago of Life Line. That was another "whole of community" partnership. "Live 'N'Learn" will grow and become a major contribution to healthier communities.