Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
May 25th, 2003

This is the weekend of celebrations. It is our 191st Anniversary at Wesley Mission. It was in the days of 1812 when the French were defeated under Napoleon and the Rum Rebellion in Sydney was being settled; all things a long time ago, that a group of free men and convicts commenced our church.

I hope every Minister and every congregation celebrates today referring to our history and heritage. We are what we are today because of those who have gone before. We need to thank God for those who have given us our heritage. If we ignore our past we repeat mistakes made and we lack direction for the future.

Wesley Mission is unique. We are a city church and as recently as 25 years ago when we rebuilt our major properties in the CBD we made a very conscious decision not to relocate and become another suburban church. We are a church with a balanced ministry of Word, Deed and Spirit. There is no other church that has the same balance that we have. Many are full of one or two of these aspects but not all three. We are a unique church with this balanced ministry.

We are also a church for all people. Our membership and support base is not confined to one denomination. Nor are we limited by social class or economic circumstance nor race; we are a multi-denominational, multi-racial and diverse cultural and economic group of people. We are a Biblical church. That is the glue that holds our diversity in unity. We reject trends of fashionable theology of the moment and promote and stick with what is lasting and durable.

Above all we are a church that puts Jesus Christ central in all that we do. Jesus Christ is first, last and central.

Happy Anniversary! Let's celebrate our heritage and commit ourselves to our destiny.