Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
July 13th, 2003

I always deeply appreciate the way people respond to my appeals for money to help the needy in our community. Our most recent public survey of attitudes to Wesley Mission shows that the whole community knows that Wesley Mission helps the needy whatever their need. Furthermore, the survey reveals that people in the community believe we are a ministry of absolute integrity and accountability. I have always stressed that and that is why I will always be severe on members or staff who violate that trust people place in us. Our integrity and trustworthiness are paramount and our best asset. It is interesting that our staff on the inside also agree with the public.

For more than forty years I have been asking the public to give and they have given millions of dollars in response. We have never had a scandal. We employ internal auditors as a surprise flying squad to check on our honesty, receipting procedures and handling of monies. We are absolutely transparent and our published audited reports are sent to all donors, corporations, government departments, church authorities and all other stakeholders.

Which brings me to this point: our members and supporters have surprised me again with their generosity. Our planned giving program among our church members this month has been extremely successful thanks to Graham Want's efforts. I was able to give to Tracey and Adam Waddell (the family whose house burned down killing two of their young sons) a cheque for $72,000, thanks to our communications and fundraising staff. I was given a photo of poor Indian families receiving 50 rickshaws our people had purchased at a cost of $30,000 donated to allow those fifty poor families to earn their own income, thanks to help from our Media team and the 7pm Congregation. I was able to send cheques valued at $130,000 to over one hundred drought stricken farmers thanks to Paula Duncan, her celebrity friends and our staff. And on top of that our regular appeals for all our various activities have brought in an all time record amount this year and in this month alone, a third of a million dollars, thanks to Sharyn Tidswell and her team. As I have said, be honest, give God the glory, be accountable, thank people and do a decent job and people will always support you. Thank you for your support.