Rev Dr Gordon Moyes The Superintendent Writes
A weekly column by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Superintendent of Wesley Mission.
November 9th, 2003

Last weekend over one thousand church leaders came to Canberra for a series of important church leadership activities. The Annual Dinner and Assembly of National Alliance Christian Leaders took place in the Old Parliament House, House of Representatives Chamber, the house that shaped the destiny of our nation for most of last century. It was my privilege to give the keynote address.

This was followed by the National Strategy Summit on Sunday and on Monday by the National Prayer Breakfast attended by over 500 people. Those present included Hon. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia; Hon. Edward Natapei, Prime Minister of Vanuatu; Hon Simon Crean, Leader of the Opposition, Senators and Members of Federal and State Parliaments, Ambassadors and High Commissioners.

The Governor General said, “The guidelines for a good or decent life are simply and clearly expressed in the Ten Commandments – those fundamental laws of personal and social cohesiveness given to Moses through God on Mount Sinai. Their validity, their strength, their simplicity hold just as true today as they did over 2000 years ago. It is in the obedience to these fundamental laws that in the end largely decide whether we will be truly happy or otherwise. To assist us further in our willing obedience to God’s universal laws, is the example given us by his Son, Jesus Christ. His humble entry into the human race, his early childhood in very ordinary circumstance preparing for his ministry. And then just three short but incredible years of teaching, healing and leadership, followed by his trial in which he was found totally innocent by Pilate, by Herod and by Pilate again – yet he accepted without bitterness, without complaint, the mob’s demand that he suffer that most excruciating death of all, crucifixion as an innocent man, and in so doing to bear the sins forever of all of us on earth, no matter what we have said or done. And then to rise from the dead and make himself known to his disciples as proof of his resurrection. These are things – and in particular the resurrection – that do require a deep and fundamental faith, a faith encapsulating Christ’s life and word that has been told to us for 2000 years in the most popular book of all time, a faith that billions have believed in and continue so to do, a faith for which many thousands have given their lives.”