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Superintendent Writes

Sunday, 3rd October, 2004

I write this having just spoken the words that open the front doors on the first day of Spring Fair 2004. Some of the crowd had been outside the doors waiting since 6:30am. When the doors were open the crowds ran in with boxes, cartons and bags to snap up the first bargains. Inside Wesley Centre, all the stalls were manned (personed?) by men and women who had done such a good job in stocking and decorating the stalls. The atmosphere was one of joy, exuberance and expectation of a good result.

I was delighted by the ingenuity of some of our volunteers to get stock to sell. So much was brought from the spring cleaning we all did in the previous weeks and we were delighted that we were able to raise money to support our good works by those items we no longer needed. Others spent their winter nights, sewing and making craft goods which were so popular for Christmas presents. But some showed other initiatives. Malcolm Minter contacted the old college where he trained and asked if the students in the catering division would make him cakes for sale. They arrived in abundance. I wrote to many companies from the list Beverley originally drew up from the Yellow Pages of the phone book. Many of them have now helped us for years. I wrote to a number of businessmen I know through Parliament and other associations who head up companies, and very soon truck-loads of soft drink, Tim Tam Biscuits, Kettle Chips, Coffee, Chocolate and fruit deserts were making their way down our delivery ramp, and more was being picked up by our truck with the able assistance of our Volunteers Co ordinator Alan Bates. The fragrant smell of cooking food permeated the whole building, and people everywhere were enjoying far too much. Under the guidance of Alan the volunteers were working hard on a hundred jobs, until the last stall was packed away Friday night.

We appreciate the oversight of our committee, candidates who worked so hard throughout the year and all our volunteers, head office, accounts, cleaning and restaurant staff and donors. A special word of thanks to Mrs Pat Menteith, who stepped in at the last moment to take the place of an unwell co-coordinator. We will let you know the exact result next week. But apart from the fundraising, there was a great deal of fellowship generated across the congregations and across our centres. That is most important. If we did not have Spring Fair then we would have to invent something like it. Thank you for all you have done and thanks be to God for all His blessings.


This is Gordon Moyes.

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