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Superintendent Writes

Sunday, 31st October, 2004

Wesley Mission’s evangelistic ministry was begun on the streets in the early days of our colony. As Sydney grew, weekly outdoor evangelism was a high priority. I have continued the practice by preaching on regular occasions in Hyde Park and Martin Place. With the movement of the public and the limitations of the human voice, I realised that to get to the public at large, it was better to use radio and television. Therefore for every week for twenty-six years I have preached the Gospel to the public across Australia, with thousands of commitments to Christ over that time. But I have always been concerned that there are people in the streets who still need to hear the Gospel. Hence I am thrilled with two new street based outreaches from Wesley Mission.

The first is UrbanReach, led by a remarkable young man from Wesley’s International Congregation — Terence Chua who head this up. The team is around 25 strong. Some other biblically sound churches have joined our inner city outreach. The team varies from 16–65 yrs of age, go out in pairs once each month for a couple of hours to witness to people in pairs in an easy, non-threatening way (survey questionnaire). Some of these people who received Christ at outreach have even been from a non-English speaking background, e.g. from China or Japan! Generally we find the people we meet of Western (e.g. Australian or European) background, to be more hardened to the Gospel but those of Asian background have seemed more open.

The second outreach is led by Arnold Gorrell and Andros Eletheriou and their helpers. Every Sunday afternoon they stop and speak to pedestrians in Pitt Street. They hand out literature, answer questions, and invite the people to come to the Gospel Service at 7pm where I preach the Gospel and call people to repentance and commitment to Christ. Every Sunday night about ten persons attend who have never been into Wesley Theatre before. They stay for supper and we get to know them. Several have made commitments and we will be baptising some in the next weeks. This is a thrilling outcome. These two examples of footpath evangelism show Wesley Mission is true to its heritage and on the cutting edge of street evangelism. Why not approach the leaders and join in the outreach.


This is Gordon Moyes.

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