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Superintendent Writes

Sunday, 25th December, 2005

Christmas Day is a wonderful day at Wesley Mission. For almost three decades we have always started the day, as a family, serving and feeding and conducting a service with Sydney’s homeless people. Then it was quick visits to our children’s homes, hospitals and Life Line, then playing Mother and Father as Beverley and I hosted a Christmas Dinner in Wesley Centre for those without families. It was late in the afternoon before we returned home for our own celebrations. Beverley and I, together with our children when they were unmarried, devoted our entire lives to the welfare and blessing of the people of Wesley Mission and of Sydney. Nothing else took precedence.

Today Beverley and I followed the same routine, presented our last Television program from Wesley Theatre with a packed congregation and lots of children and the Wesley Institute Choir. This was broadcast to the whole nation. Then it was back to our Greenwich unit to pack and leave for our own home at Tumbi Umbi with out work at Wesley finished at last. The work has grown by more than fifteen times what it was when we arrived, and we have today 4000 staff to help in the largest ministry in the nation. Thank you for all you have done to make our job so absolutely enjoyable over such a long period of time.

Three and a half years ago, I said this would be my last service with you. It is not only the end of my 27 years at Wesley, but the end of 49 years of active ministry. My leaving is at the time of my choosing, at the height of our work, when we have more centres, more staff, and more cash in the treasury than at any time in 194 years.

My other office at Parliament is just two streets away. There my staff and responsibilities await and my term continues until 2011. I pray God’s blessing on you all and Keith and Carol as they assume their role.

Beverley and our children join with me in thanking you all and wishing you God’s richest blessing. I have returned everything belonging to the Mission and finalized my accounts. We leave with good health and a clear conscience. We have been privileged people to serve at Wesley Mission, through the radio and television to speak to the nation and beyond, and to provide advice for the Prime Minister, the Premier, and for other office bearers of the State.

Our children grew up in this church and they too have called it “home”. On their behalf I thank everyone who has made a contribution to our lives. Good bye and God bless you all.


This is Gordon Moyes.

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