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WordTalks as presented on Turn 'Round Australia, 5:30am Sunday mornings on the Nine Network.

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Date Title Bible Verse
25/12/2005Three Christmas Myths  Galatians 4:1-7 
18/12/2005No Sermon — Special interviews & thank you from Dr Moyes   
11/12/2005Be Determined and Confident  Joshua 1:1-9 
4/12/2005A Renewed Church  1 Peter 2:4-10 
30/10/2005TRA Wordtalks will not be shown from Oct 30th - November 27th due to sporting telecasts   
23/10/2005Showing The Way  John 14:5-7 
16/10/2005The Always Present Presence  John 21:15-25 
9/10/2005Meeting Him When You Least Expect It  John 20:11-23 
2/10/2005Taken From The Tomb  John 20:1-10 
25/9/2005Being a Secret Disciple  John 19:38-42 
18/9/2005Why Did Jesus Die?  John 19:28-30 
4/9/2005The Gamblers Of Christ  John 19:17-27 
28/8/2005Judging Jesus  John 19:1-16 
21/8/2005Bowing To The Pressure Of The Crowd  John 18:38-40 
14/8/2005Holding To Truth in a Deceitful Society  John 18:1-28 
7/8/2005How To Achieve Ultimate Victory  John 16:25-33 
31/7/2005Able To Take Whatever Comes  John 15:18-27 
24/7/2005Turning Dreams Into Reality  John 15:1-17 
17/7/2005Finding Help When You Need It Most  John 14:15-31 
10/7/2005Do All Paths Lead To God?  John 14:1-14 

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